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See what other people are saying about our Alvarado apartments! At Alvarado Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I really enjoy living here, when I’ve gone into the office and asked for help fixing anything around my apartment I’ve always recieved help the same day and quickly. I’ve had several water issues recently a clogged sink and a possibly broken water pipe, but will hopefully be fixed soon Overall nice tenants & staff Me and my boyfriend picked this apartment complex because of the security gates for the protection of our cars and the interior of the apartment (its beautiful with a balcony) I highly recommend visiting to this location — there’s also a doggy park in the south complex and a pool in the north complex

It was a great place to live. True that the water does get shut off, but they generally gave enough notice and it only happened (at most) twice a month. Other than that, everything was great. I never used the pool but it was always being used and people always seemed happy. The complex was always safe and quiet. Maintenance was always prompt and respectful. Getting my deposit back was easy and they were very fair with any deductions. The office was always nice and helpful to me whenever I had questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend living here .


Lovely place and equally as important, FLEXIBLE management. I manage a four diamond hotel and know the importance of customer service and this place gets it. Safe and secure as well. New amenities in many of the units....and oh the pool!!! My gosh the pool is amazing! Crystal clear and so refreshing! I've lived here twice and would return again. Keep it up Alvarado crew! An Oasis downtown.


I don't think Alvarado deserves a 2.2, it needs a solid 5. I've lived here a month and get email updates on what going on in the neighborhood, and updates on the complex and I feel like they communicate with tenants promptly. They welcomed my service dog with open arms and even responded immediately when I asked about refilling doggy bags. By far my favorite place to live, spacious apartments, 2 bedrooms with the rooms on opposite side of the apartment for privacy, excellent lighting in the home and balcony space is wonderful. One single gripe i have which is my fault is that they had no grace period for payments after the 1st and I was forced to pay 94 in late fees. Totally my fault I should have paid attention, definitely going to be on time now, lol.


I only lived here for a year, but overall I had a good experience and got most of my deposit back. I moved because I lost my job, otherwise I would have stayed.


Alvarado Apartments are great ! Love the area and my apartment is very nice. I would recommend any friend of mine to Alvarado , Antuenette was the one who assisted me when i first moved in and she was great, very helpful and kind to me !

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