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See what other people are saying about our Alvarado apartments! At Alvarado Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I love living here - close to everything and a great size apartment. Although is located at downtown is very safe and chill - I barely hear cars in the street (and I have very light sleep). The staff is great and very helpful all the times I needed. Totally recommend it!


A co worker of mine referred me to this place and I love it. If you take care of your apartment you will get your deposit back. We clean our carpets every six months. People complaining about late rent when the lease states the day it is late and the fee on the front page. It’s pretty clear. No hidden fees. We like to go to the coffee shops nearby. The amenities are always clean and they take care of any issues or concerns promptly. We looked around at several places and this was by far the best.



The reviews shared really surprise me, so much so that I decided to write my own review. I am a current resident. I've lived here for 1 year. I have lived in the smallest 1 bedroom and now I live in the large 1 bedroom with study. I really enjoy living here. I feel like the office does a good job of screening residents. People are not always moving in and moving out. It's a rather quiet complex. The residents are a mix younger people, perhaps students, working class people, young professionals and some older retirees. People are friendly but not in your business. Mostly people just go to work and come home. During the summer I can sort of hear some noise coming from the downtown bar scene but not so much that it interrupts my sleep. When I lived in the smaller 1 bedroom, I could sometime hear my upstairs neighbor moving about his apartment but not so much so that it bothered me. Now that I live in the larger one bedroom, I never hear my neighbors. I'm actually more concerned about them hearing my 3 small dogs. They can be barkers but no one has ever complained. It's a gated complex and like any gated complex, if someone really wants to get in, they will. I have never felt unsafe and I have never heard of an apartment being broke into. I have never had any problems with my vehicle being messed with in the parking lot. Basically, it feels safe. We have a small gym, a laundry room, a pool, and hot tub. Everything seems to be in working order and clean, at least everytime I have used any of the amenities. The grounds are well kept. There is established shrubbery and landscaping. Maintenance has a always been responsive. As for the water being shut off often, they do shut the water off from time to time but they always give notice and they try to do it during the time that most people are at work. It's a large complex and water/plumbing issues are bound to come up. They don't shut it off any more than any other complex that I have lived at. As for the price, its fair for what you get. If you want less expensive, it can be found in Albuquerque but it won't be in the nicest neighborhood and you may not feel safe. Fact of the matter is that bad things can happen in any part of Albuquerque. Again, cheaper is likely not going to have the amenities, it won't be gated, you won't have established grounds, etc. For the downtown area, its a fair price, not overpriced and not inexpensive. I have never had any problems with the office staff. They have always been nice, professional and straight forward with their answers to my questions. I've never had any problem understanding the billing, the rules, or the lease and I've never had any problems with a maintenance request. My apartment was clean and move in ready. I don't have bugs and have never had a bug problem. I like the staff enough to go in a just visit sometimes. I really like that they are not all in residents business. They do their jobs but they also don't get all in your business. They are pet friendly. Lots of people have dogs. They have an area for dogs to go potty in and they are pretty good at keeping it stocked with bags. Most people pick up after their pets. They make accommodations for emotional support animals. I live just a few blocks from work so being able to walk to work is great. I even get to come home for lunch and walk my dogs. I was without a car for awhile so having access to the bus was important. Alvarado transportation center is close and so is ART. If your going to pay your rent late, it's late on the 3rd, you will incur a late fee. If your going to break your lease, don't move here because they will enforce the terms. If you can't follow basic apartment living rules, don't move here. I don't know what else to say. I like it here. It's the nicest place I've ever lived in Albuquerque. I've lived at a lot of apartments. I'm really enjoying my new larger apartment with washer dryer hook ups. I don't have any complaints. This has been my experience.


Had been looking for an appt for about 6months and we finally found what we are looking for and the staff is so nice.


I have lived here for about a year. Great location as it is convenient to my office and downtown. The office staff is very friendly and my maintenance requests are done promptly.


Moved out of here recently and the only reason I moved is I was transferred out of state. I loved the easy access to downtown ABQ. I could walk many places and bike to even more. Enjoyed the friendliness of the staff. They helped me often when I needed it.


I had a good experience living here. I was on 1st floor. I didn't have any bad roach problem in the building I was in. In the morning and afternoons it was loud due to work traffic but other than that it was quiet throughout the day. I occasionally heard my upstairs and next door neighbors. I enjoyed using the swimming pool when it was open. The fitness room was alright some of the machines were broken. Management was good and sending email when water was shutting off or any other announcements. Maintenance was fast when my air conditioning wasn't working in the summertime. The grounds were cleaned most of the time. I felt safe there living on my own and like the gated parking.


These apartments are good. I think the people who left the bad star rating are over exaggerateing. I agree with the people who gave the same rating as I did and with what they said. I like these apartments, I enjoy living here and I think you will too.


I really enjoy living here, when I’ve gone into the office and asked for help fixing anything around my apartment I’ve always recieved help the same day and quickly. I’ve had several water issues recently a clogged sink and a possibly broken water pipe, but will hopefully be fixed soon Overall nice tenants & staff Me and my boyfriend picked this apartment complex because of the security gates for the protection of our cars and the interior of the apartment (its beautiful with a balcony) I highly recommend visiting to this location — there’s also a doggy park in the south complex and a pool in the north complex

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