Your new apartment probably looked fantastic in pictures and wowed you when you toured it, but that was before you received your keys and all your boxes and possessions arrived. It may take a while before your new apartment feels like “home,” but there are some projects you can undertake to hurry along the transformation from a random Albuquerque apartment to home-sweet-home.

Invite Friends to Help You Decorate & Unpack

Asking your friends to help you move might not result in the most positive replies to your requests, but you might find better luck in asking your friends over to help you decorate your new Albuquerque apartment. You’ll have fun deciding where to put your furniture and hang your pictures, and the presence of your friends will make it infinitely easier to feel at home in your new place.

If your move into your apartment in Albuquerque is accompanied by a long-distance relocation, and you’re not close enough to your friends to invite them over for an afternoon or evening of decorating, it’s a good idea to keep in touch with your friends through phone calls after your move. Moving to a new place might mean you won’t have anyone local with whom to socialize for a few months, and keeping in touch with friends will help you adjust to your new locale.

Make Your Bed the Very First Night

Moving day is an exhausting day whether your move takes days and features a cross-country trek or whether you wake up at dawn to take everything you own across town to your new apartment. One action that you can take that will create an immediate sense of “home” within your new apartment is setting up your bed and covering it in familiar linens and blankets.

Even if you’re surrounded by boxes and you don’t have a single picture on the wall, sleeping in your familiar, comfortable bed for the first night can help you relax and enjoy your new home. Place your bedding in a box that’s clearly labeled, so you don’t have to search for the sheets and comforter to make your bed after all the boxes have been brought into your one or two bedroom apartment.

Unpack Everything Before You Shop

Moving into a new apartment means spending some money on your relocation, and it’s tempting to spend extra money on items you don’t really need to buy. If you hurry out to the store to buy furniture and decorations the day after you move into your new apartment, you might end up buying some things you don’t actually need.

Perhaps you think you need another chair for the living room, but once you have everything unpacked and arranged, you realize that the room looks clean and spacious with your current furniture. Waiting to make your furniture purchases means you have a smaller chance of accidentally buying something you only end up wanting to sell right after you bring it home.

Enjoy Albuquerque at the Alvarado Apartments

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