When you travel, it’s not only important to consider safe places for fun with your family, but also to remember the security of your apartment while you’re away. Here are a few things you can do while you’re traveling to reduce the likelihood of a burglar noticing your absence and entering your Albuquerque apartment.

Remain Quiet About Your Vacation Plans

If you’re going to visit a tourist destination for the first time, you’re probably excited about getting to experience something new. It’s common to discuss your plans with friends and family, as well as post on social media about your upcoming trip. However, you might want to think twice about spreading the word too wide about your travels.

Some dedicated thieves hang out on social media specifically to figure out when people travel and whether their homes or apartments will be completely empty during the vacation. Keeping your social media profiles private and available to a select group of friends can help you reduce the likelihood of a thief finding out about your vacation, but simply remaining quiet about the trip is an even more effective option.

Post all the stories, photographs, and updates you can manage about your vacation after you’ve returned to your apartment in Albuquerque.

Consider Extra Security Features in Your Apartment

You might not realize it, but a simple lock on the front door of your home can become a huge deterrent to casual thieves. A seasoned burglar may try to enter apartment homes because of the high density of residences. The thief can simply head from door to door to try and find empty apartments.

You may want to install an extra lock or a chain on your door if you want a little extra protection. A thief can pick a lock and enter your apartment, but he or she might not want to stick around to pick multiple locks or get past a chain or other security feature.

You can also choose to install some simple surveillance cameras or sensors that activate when someone crosses the threshold of your luxury apartment. These simple systems can connect to your wireless internet and send a message or notification to your phone that someone has tripped one of your security devices.

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